Resolved Question: Suboxone / Subutex Question?

I had a 4 year habit which started with Vicodin and Norco. Within 2 years I was up to about 20 10/325 pills a day & that is when I was introduced to Oxycontin. That was about a 2 year, everyday, habit of snorting about160 – 240mgs. I got Subutex & Suboxone from a Doc & tried 4 or 5 times but always relapsed.

About 5 months ago I started feeling REALLY horrible every morning I woke up. I always just thought it was because I was starting to W/D a little because it had been 8 hours, at least, since I had any in my system. Sure enough, I would do a line of OC and I’d feel fine in 5 minutes. Well, I quit Hydro & OC a little over 3 months ago finally & the Sub is working great. I have no cravings. I’m down to about 2-4mg a day and hope to get off it as well fairly soon.

My question is…I still feel really, really horrible every morning. It takes me over 30 minutes just to finally get out of bed. Back pain, kidney pain, neck pain as well during the day.

Is this because of Sub? HELP!

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