Resolved Question: Please help a sick 19 year old girl in hospital with heart problems? any doctors out there?

its 12am and i dont particularly want to get a night doctor to come see me if it isnt anything serious.
heres whats happened:

FOR PEOPLE WHO WANT A SHORT EXPLANATION: (if you want the full story read the longer text paragraph below this one)
I Am 19 years old
Been on Subutex for 5 weeks
Ex Drug user (Needles- morphine & heroin for about 9 months)
In hospital for 4 weeks (but have to be in here for alot longer)
I have a lesion on my right heart valve(being treated with IV drip-flucoxone)
they now think they have found a left sided lesion on my heart valve( if its not tiny, i have to have open heart surgery, dont know size until i have T.O.E where they stick a scope down my throat with a camera on it)
Also have – Golden staph infection
I have lesions all over my lungs( also being treated with flucoxone)
The pain is dull, and mainly in the back of my right upper arm.(But i have also been getting collar bone pain and shoulder pain prior to this, doctors not sure whats wrong??)
Subutex dose i am on-10mg

I met this guy at a low point of my life, i was depressed, anxious and sickly on alot of medication, i would not leave the house, this guy introduced me to needles – (morphine and the occasional shot of heroin) .. i did this for about 9 months all together, tried quitting a few times in those 9 months, even did a 7 day rehab detox, didnt work.
i got really really sick about 7 weeks ago (ive been in hospital now for 4 weeks)
whne i got really sick i tought it was the drugs so i decided to quit for good, i got myself onto a subutex program and was on that for 1 week before relising there was something seriosuly wrong and then got emitted into hospital.
they found a lesion on my right heart valve, abcesses all over my lung and some infected skin tissue, golden staph (or some staph infection)
but now they have recently found a new lesion on my left heart valve, they sent me for TOE to find out exactly what it is cause there not 100%..toe is transelosigis (something) echo (sorry i dunno more about it but maybe u do?) they put a scope down my throat with a camera on it to look at my heart properly.
I am terrified of having a stroke, the doctor said if left side lesion breaks off and travels to brain…stroke
im 19 years old and dearly sory that i played with my health like that, i wish i could turn back time but i please dont tell me to get off drugs cause i have and i am NEVER going to touch ever again..i was just sad and confused.

Should i get a doctor to come see me? last time i told a nurse i had chest pain at like 2 in the morning, she made me go down and have an emergency Chest Xray..and nothing was wrong..really annoyed me..i just wanted painkillers..but in this a bit worried and i dnt want painkillers its more of a dull pain
Ive already told a nurse, She doesnt know what it could be, a nurse isnt a doctor.

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