Open Question: Will buprenorphie keep up SWIMS opaite tolerance, even 5 days after SWIM’S last bupe dosage?

Ok So Swim has been taking Subutex( taking the Generic Versions) for about a year steadily. SWIM is wondering if Buprenorphine will maintain SWIM’s general opiate tolerancem, even 5+ days after swims last dosage of buprenophine(subutex). Swim’s last dosage was 1mg sublingually and had been taking 1mg sublinuaglly for the past 2-3 months. During month one of 1mg dosage swim would dose every other day, during month two, swim dosed every two days , and now for last month swim has dosed every 4-5 days. Swim is wondering if his Hydrocodone tolerance will still be as high, or if it is back at ground level? Any help is MUCH APPRECIATED.

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