Open Question: infant withdrawl treatment from subutex-how is it handled?

I am 33 weeks pregnant and on 16mg/day of subutex. This week I am cutting down to 12 mg/day and then 2 weeks before my due date to 8 mg/day to try to avoid my baby going through withdrawal. I was just wondering if anyone out there has experienced this and what their baby required medically and emotionally to recover from infant withdrawal from subutex. My doctor told me there is a 50 50 chance he will suffer from some sort of withdrawal so if anyone has gone through this please let me know how bad your child was suffering from it (mild-severe) and what treatment the hospital used to deal with it (couple days of extra observation, methadone treatment, etc.?). Also I am curious about breast feeding experience while on subutex as well so any info on that would be greatly appreciated as well

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