Open Question: Ex boyfriend relapsed (heroin) whilst I was with him. Should I take him back if he promises to get help?

I met my ex last year and he told me he was a recovering addict currently taking subutex. I eventuallly found out that he had been prescribed subutex for 7 years. He was put on a reduction script when he moved in with me, (at this time I did not know how long he had been on it for) and has since relapsed whilst supposedly taking subbies and then once clucking off subbies he has as far as I am aware not had a day were he has not taken anything. I tried everything to help him, believing him when he told me he did not want to take opiates anymore. He is in his 40’s and turns out he has been misusing herion for 20 years. I do truely love him but due to the lies and anger/ depression he suffers at times I felt truely drained and also have a couple of kids who I felt were beginning to suffer being around someone with such extreme mood changes plus the arguments we had. He blamed me for the arguments and said I had anger issues. He is a lovely guy if only the problems with his herion abuse could be resolved. He works, so money is not the problem. The lies, the lack of being able to think how I may feel occassionally due to his actions, his lack of any sort of deep feelings for me and the kids and his inability to look towards the future makes me feel frustrated. I like to have fun with a partner but don’t feel like I’m on his level. I am completely heartbroken and even after throwing him out and telling him it is completely over I still cant seem to get through this very easily. I want to talk with him to see if he will seek help and then maybe we can rescue our relationship but his lies and cuntish attitude have just been so awful that I dont know if I could ever believe him anymore.Should I just say goodbye, also I told him I would tell his family and he said if I did he will kill me. I feel I should tell his family. His ex is a user as he got her into it.

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