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hey ladies… i am having a baby on tuesday…thats in 5 days…i also am taking 12mgs of subutex daily, and am petrified of my babe going thru withdraw. it seems that in my case, the docs really are clueless on this drug. even the anesthesiologist, whom i met today, had never even heard of the drug. and she administers pain meds!! so i will def. come back n let you all know what happened with baby. most of my fam. also has no idea bout the fact that im on subutex, but all of my docs do. and suprisingly they all give me props for doin the rite thing n not usin dope. im just so scared to tell my loved ones the truth if the baby goes into the nicu. but the neonatologist has said it is maybe a 70/30 chance baby will not go. so odds are ok. i have done so much research on this topic, and i believe i am doin the best i can. i also am planning to breastfeed, basically to keep me constantly knowing that i have to feed baby n shouldnt get high. so listen, i will keep yous posted, and subutex has saved my n my childs life, so ladies stop beating yourselves up about this! also if anyone else who has recently had a baby while on subutex let me know… i love all the info i can get. xoxoxoxo

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