Europe Dumps Meprobamate

The European Medications Agency is banning meprobamate and meprobamate-containing medications from the sale in Europe, after concluding that the risks from the medication exceed the therapeutic benefit. The removal comes six months after a decision by the same agency to suspend authorization for all marketing for the medication.  I have not read of any similar […]

Xanax for Anxiety? Think Again!

Anxiety is one of the most common presenting complaints for people who come to my psychiatric practice. By the time people with anxiety visit a psychiatrist, they have usually discussed their symptoms with friends and family members, and some have been to their family care physician. And as a result of these initial ‘consultations’, they […]

Bathtub Tragedy

I was never a huge Whitney fan, but nobody can debate the beauty and power of her voice.  Also beyond debate is that she deserved a better ending than the one she found, alone in a bathtub, while ‘friends’ were partying a few floors away.  Xanax and other benzodiazepines, combined with alcohol, are suspected of contributing to her death.

Fonda and a Kardashian

Grief-Stricken Friends

In fact, my primary reaction to reading about her death has been disgust over the way things play out in star circles– similar to how they played out after the death of Michael Jackson.  We have the parade of the business confidants– Simon, the Idol/X-Factor guy, saying that he could tell something was amiss.  Producers who say she looked great the last time they met.  Friends who say they tried to reach out.  Even Jesse Jackson somehow got his picture taken as part of the tragedy.

The picture that summarizes that world best shows Jane Fonda and one of the Kardashians (I don’t know one from the other) taking a break from grief to pose for a photo.

Hollywood, as I think about it, is the perfect setting for addiction– a place where everyone is acting and pretending, where relationships are fake but ‘useful,’ where rage occasionally makes headlines but bad behavior is mostly ignored.

I would LOVE to be a part of it.  But I wouldn’t last five minutes.