Does Suboxone Cause SIDS?

In a recent Google search about Suboxone and pregnancy, one of the top links included the frightening statement that Suboxone and buprenorphine have been linked to SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome, commonly called ‘crib death.’ The statement was from a health forum where a woman wrote about taking Suboxone during pregnancy.  She wrote that her […]

Treating Addiction with Brain Surgery

Today I read about the stereotactic brain surgery used to treat opioid dependence in China over the past ten years.   The procedure is relatively straightforward; the patient’s skull is clamped in place while small holes are drilled, guided by computerized, 3-dimensional maps of the brain.  Probes are inserted deeply through brain tissue to the nucleus accumbens, where […]

Take Action!

People who read this blog are aware of the shortage of physicians who can prescribe buprenorphine to treat people addicted to pain pills, even as an epidemic of addiction to heroin and pain pills devastates the heartland of the country.  In order to prescribe buprenorphine, physicians take a short course and obtain special certification.  To obtain certification, […]

Europe Dumps Meprobamate

The European Medications Agency is banning meprobamate and meprobamate-containing medications from the sale in Europe, after concluding that the risks from the medication exceed the therapeutic benefit. The removal comes six months after a decision by the same agency to suspend authorization for all marketing for the medication.  I have not read of any similar […]

Xanax for Anxiety? Think Again!

Anxiety is one of the most common presenting complaints for people who come to my psychiatric practice. By the time people with anxiety visit a psychiatrist, they have usually discussed their symptoms with friends and family members, and some have been to their family care physician. And as a result of these initial ‘consultations’, they […]

Marijuana Laws: Progessive Change or Society’s Downfall?

Lately it seems as if I’ve been hearing more calls to change US marijuana laws.  Legalizing marijuana has been a cause for some citizens for decades, and efforts to change marijuana laws have waxed and waned since I was a teenager in the 1970’s.  Some people believe that this time around, attitudes are truly changing.  A […]

Publicize me please!

While I’m on the topic of ‘content’, I’ll take a moment to ask readers to share a post if you find it interesting.  Social media is THE way to increase readership these days.  I realize that the content matter– addiction– is less likely to end up on Facebook than a picture of puppies (maybe I […]

It Might Not Be Me– Suboxone Talk Zone Impersonators

Just a quick note that I’ve been meaning to write for several weeks…  Over the past few months I’ve come across more and more web sites that have copied my web sites, copied my material, used my name, reposted my videos, resold my ‘user’s guide’… Someone once said that imitation is the sincerest form of […]

The End of Narcotic Pain Medication?

The LA Times ran a very interesting story a few days ago about deaths from overdose of narcotic pain medications.  I strongly encourage readers of this blog to read the story, which discusses the issue from the perspectives of doctors, patients, and family members. The story reports that a small number of Southern-California doctors wrote […]

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New Mobile App

I have created a mobile app for Suboxone Talk Zone, SuboxForum, my YouTube videos about buprenorphine, SubocDocs doc finder… a one-stop app for information about buprenorphine, Suboxone, and opioid dependence.  If the app is accepted by Apple, it will eventually appear among their i-Tunes application downloads.  But for now, if everything is working correctly, you can get […]

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